1. Rides a tricycle once and thinks he’s in a biker gang…

2. Ridley Scott would be proud…

3. Ace Ventura? Nailed it.

4. Popcorn… because why not?

5. Dropped my cotton candy cone on the floor… turns out it was a human all along.

6. The box says that she’s adoptable but I’m not sure how accurate that is…

7. Crazy cat lady… because when you know, you know.

8. Low-key Spiderman.

9. Coppertone baby, complete with aggressive tanlines.

10. This looks like a job for—ooooo, did somebody say cake?

11. This baby is clearly richer than you.

12. Forest Gump and an unimpressed Lt. Dan!

13. Tiny walker or giant baby?

14. Somehow, I don’t think this baby enjoys being a humanized volleyball.

15. Those are some crazy looking eating utensils…

16. Napoleon Dynamite and his good buddy Pedro. Their facial expressions totally make it.

17. Paper doll costume… expect severe paper cuts if you get near her.

Source: Aplus