This Man Captured His Strange Dreams On Camera. The Results Will Amaze You.

Once upon a time, people shot photos on film. If you’re old enough to remember the transition between film to digital, you might remember all the film purists balking at the idea of digital media taking over. Well, that was over a decade ago and fortunately, that hasn’t stopped Ukrainian photographer Oleg Oprisco from sticking to his guns. [googlead]Kitted out with a Kiev 6C, a Kiev 88, and a variety of lenses, Oleg shoots on medium-format film and is very deliberate in his actions. “Before shooting, I plan the overall color scheme. According to the chosen palette, I select clothes, props, location, etc, making sure that all of it plays within a single color range.”

One look at Oleg’s photos and it’s clear that he is deeply passionate about his work. “Each of my photos is a scene from real life. That is the perfect source of inspiration for me as there is so much beauty to it.”

Source: Bored Panda

Oleg’s work is absolutely breathtaking. And in case you’re wondering how much Photoshop is involved… “[Post production] takes several hours, but no amount of [photoshopping] can make a bad photo into a good photo. That’s a good rule to know. Hence, in my photos there is colour correction and retouching of dust only.”

Remember folks, at the end of the day, it’s the skill of the photographer that matters, not so much the camera.“I often hold workshops and it’s very funny sitting in front of many photographers with $2000 – $3000 cameras and lenses, and on my table is an old Kiev 6C, which is worth about $50.”